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Sunday, August 5

year one of marriage was coming to a close so inevitably we headed on a weekend getaway.  

destination choice: park city, utah.

a weekend full of shopping, eating, and doing absolutely nothing.  

we rolled in friday afternoon and immediately headed to the outlets. kachow!  considering we are financially humble newlyweds, i haven't done too much shopping since we've been married.  the lion was officially let out of her den. 

on saturday, i believe we got out of bed at 2 p.m. it's fine.  grabbed a quick bite from kneaders (always) and headed out to ride the alpine coaster.  it was short.  and 20 dollars. i wouldn't go again, unless we had kids.

that night, (literally. we left the hotel at nine) we went out for a fancy dinner.  we decided on bvona vita.  he ordered chicken and pasta, i ordered a 26 dollar steak.  thank you doug adams. 


  1. Did you like that Indian restaurant? We're (I mean McKay, because I would rather be shot in the face than eat Indian food) always looking for a new place.

  2. this place in particular was pretty bland. i do love indian food however, you need to go to bombay house in provo. order chicken tikka marsala. you won't regret it or wish you would have been shot in the face.

  3. Oh, we've been to Bombay House. That's what McKay got. I wish I could love it. Apparently the Indian Palace on center in Provo is splendid. I wouldn't know but hubs says it's great. We went to the Star of India on Saturday. I guess that was good too. I got Indian chicken nuggets because I'm a child.


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