up & at em ladies.

Saturday, August 18

it's yard saling time folks.

it's of course one of my favorite summer hobbies, but sadly i haven't had much time to go this summer. failure, i know. 

i'm crossing my fingers for some stellar finds.  i'm not quite sure how it will turn out because i'm not looking for anything specific, which i feel is almost a necessity. either way, i'm on my way

i'm dragging my sister along.  rise and shine jess!  i'm a pretty independent woman but i don't have the courage to go to yard sales alone yet.  I always feel slightly, okay way awkward just roaming around in other peoples junk all alone.  especially when you need reassurance when deciding to make the purchase.  

maybe one day i'll get the courage.

happy saturday everyone!  This weekend is a much a needed one!  

the fanny pack is just for effect.  don't judge me.  i'm weird.  

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