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Wednesday, August 22

Explanation: The real slim shady came on while I was running the other day.

Uh.... so anyway. I am in dire need of some opinions.  

Plain and simple, I miss my short hair.  When I say I miss my short hair, I really mean I miss a three minute blow dry.  I have no idea what it is, but I absolutely and utterly DESPISE blow drying my hair.  It's the most dreadful part of getting ready.  It's a personal issue.  Don't worry, I'm working on it. 

There's low maintenance and there's disgusting.  I might be possibly living on the border.  It's fine.  I feel it's an hour of my day that could be put to use elsewhere.

So, here's the spill.  I had long hair my sophomore year of high school and then I hacked it off.  All this time later, and here we are.  My hair long, once again.  My original plan was to leave it long until after my first, possibly second child was born and then chop it again.  This being partly because I'm scared of having short hair with my presumed chubby pregnant face, and because it's taken all this time to grow out.  

please help a dear blogger out.  

to chop or not to chop?

I am initially planning on doing a bob somewhere along these lines. 

I had something similar to this before.  (I am fully aware this is a rather unusual picture.  This is the only one I could find with my short hair.)

My ultimate goal in the long haul is to rock the feminine boy look.  Contradicting, I know.  But I mean, lets be honest.  Who doesn't want to be able to shower and get ready in 20 minutes?  I highly doubt I have the face to pull this off but in my eyes, it's undoubtedly worth the gamble.

This is where you come in.  

The opinion poll is officially open.  Go.


  1. The bottom left would look so good on you. Emma Watson status.

  2. Hillary9/01/2012

    You can pull of anything. I am with you full heartedly. My medium length hair is killing me with the blow dry. How am I ever going to get it loooonnng?!

  3. I have been stalking your adorable blog for the past half hour. you are adorable, and you are right your eyes are killer! you would totally rock the emma watson hair cut! totally!


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