La Carreta.

Monday, August 13

If you haven't noticed this fact about me, I love food and love to eat.  More particularly, I love to eat out.  I feel like I have to constantly apologize to our bank account. and dallin.

My family has discovered a new gem.  It goes by the name of La Carreta.  It's peruvian.  

I always want to try new places but hesitate in fear of being disappointed.  My dad wrangled us into to going to this place a couple years ago and I am so glad he did.

Go here.  Really. (Megan, you and Mckay especially) ha ha yeah, I'm officially a creeper.  

The fresh salsa is great, but I'm a chips and salsa fanatic so my opinion might be slightly biased.

Entree time.  What to order: #7, Lomito Mixo al Jugo.  As the menu would say, it's Lean Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp, Sauteed with Onions, Tomatoes, and Zucchini Served on Top of Fries.  Yes, I said it, glorious homemade french fries!  

It's slightly expensive.  $11.99 for that particular dish but it's seriously worth every penny.  

We left completely and utterly stuffed, so what do we do?  Make a cupcake stop at The Cocoa Bean.  Their cupcakes are divine.  I get the same one every time.  Better than whatever.  Way to make it PG.  Good one Cocoa.  

Well thanks for tuning in for my food ranting.  I hope it's at least beneficial to your taste buds.  

If you ever decide to give peruvian food a try, I would absolutely love to hear your opinions.  Seriously though.

Happy last days of summer, before school comes barging back into our lives. 

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  1. Consider it done. I'd like to blame our eating out problem on our lack of dishwasher but I just prefer others to cook for me.

    1st world problems.

    Oh, the cocoa bean is my favorite. Their german chocolate cupcake is fabulous.

    Let's double date.


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