i am smitten with yarn wreaths.

Monday, August 27

I finally joined modern civilization and made a yarn wreath.

One trip to Hobby Lobby & Michael's and a chaotic mess in hot glue later, and here we have her!  

They are quite the time consuming little devils but you bet i'll be making one for every season!  They're cheap, easy, and make me feel rather accomplished when it's all said and done.  Sad right?

I've had a crush on thick black & white stripes lately.  So here's a taste of my obsession on the upchuck.  They'll most likely start taking over our home.

While people are starting school, I'm starting to craft.  I guess I technically started school today too but it's online so I feel as if it's not real.  My outlook needs a major readjustment, or my GPA is going to take a hit in the gonads.

I remember when school days were overly exciting. (I wish this was still the case.)  I couldn't wait to show up at school with my outrageously white shoes and new hair do.  The best was when you realized the girl in front you forgot to take off her tags.  (oh. how embarrassing.  she bought new school clothes.)            

Happy school days everyone! 


  1. My yarn wreath broke in half.

    I don't want to talk about it.

    I really love yours though.

  2. ha ha ha Now that's a heart breaker! Seriously though. They take forever.


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