feminists are bra-burning man-haters.

Wednesday, August 29

Altough I'm not exactly ready to give up the care free spirit of summer and I'm not exactly looking forward to having mental break downs every three days, (because i'm a completely irrational stress case) a class like this (psychology of gender) is making the transition back to school  and starting a new job easier.  

It's our first night of homework and I already have to do it on our patio.  Let's be honest, I live with the hottest distraction around.  No work will get done when we're both inside the walls of the same apartment.    

Online classes are new a experience for me.  Let's just say you have to be extremely disciplined.  I'm not.  Fail.  I'm more easily distracted than a 2 year-old.  Desire to do homework will be included in my nightly prayers.  I'm going to need all the help I can get.

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  1. I actually quite appreciate my bras. :)


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