spider wars.

Wednesday, July 11

i'm sure the title was enticing enough to check it out. sadly, it's exactly what it says. 

as you may know, we have now been living in our new apartment for almost three months.  we (really i) have been struggling with our slightly outrageous bug problem.

i hate them.  i frankly wish they were all dead.  i know this is probably not a righteous feeling but i don't think it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

following my last encounters with the spiders, HOUSE CENTIPEDES, various kinds of moths, beetles, and mystery bugs in our house, we have finally found a suitable way to deal with them.

spider wars.  aside from the fact that i feel like a cruel human being, it's oddly really fun.

let me take you back.  this adventure started back when dallin was on his mission.  one day my bathroom garbage got full so i emptied it. go figure. i forgot to put in a new liner and the next morning a GIGANTIC spider had fallen in there and couldn't get out.  my irrational fear of the small creatures lead me to leave it there to its death.  after a week of waiting, it was still alive so my conscious starting weighing pretty heavy over my head.  of course i'm not going to let it out so what do i do?  look online to see what spiders eat.  it listed a bunch of different insects and ended the list with: "other spiders."  There are infinitely many spiders/insects/gross living things at dallin's house so dallin's little brother, elliot and I figured we could find some food for it.  we quickly spotted another spider and dropped it in the garbage can.  the spider instantly pounced on it and you can guess the rest.  this was the start of a very disgusting addiction.  

i absolutely, without a doubt, despise anything that resembles spiders and bugs!

this gross game has lead me to being excited when finding a new bug in our house.  i know, i know, i'm a disgusting wreck but hey, it's working right?  at least my irrational fear is becoming semi-rational.  it'll do for now.

if you're feeling crazy and adventurous, feel free to give it a whirl.  let me know how it goes.

& again i prove my point that we are a couple of married seven year olds. 

happy (wed)nesday!!

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