in the eye of this tiger,

Monday, June 25

there is complete and utter happiness!!!!

i have been attempting to get into a resource/any classroom this fall to gain experience for my major (special education.) 

I had an interview last week for taylor elementary school for a preschool resource technician.  i know right? kids all around!!!  i can't decide if it's going to be a good dose of birth control or make me want to have a baby even more.

either way... I GOT THE JOB!!!! which means i get to take the step up from grilling hot dogs and making ice cream, to a job where i can't wear jeans.

i feel like a little kid on christmas morning!  wanting to rip open all the wrapping paper faster than your little hands could muster.  

i never thought i would EVER say this.. but i can't wait for summer to be over and start the new job.  

things are looking up for the naulu family.

count your blessings everyone! 

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  1. Yay!!! Congrats!!!!! That is so happy. Now you need to come to yoga every Monday and Wednesday to prep you for early mornings :)

    Love seeing you!


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