breakfast & erotic shopping.

Friday, June 15

first stop:  magelby's. all you can eat french toast, fresh orange juice, and a slice of chocolate cake to share.  yeah, we did that.

second stop:  dirty jo punsters. (it was a slightly awkward experience for dall.  he wanted to put a bag over his head so he wouldn't be seen walking into such a place.  i tried not to be insulted.  with us being married, i thought it was common knowledge that we did the deed.)

Our reasoning of going into this store was to buy some skanky items for a soon to be bride.  

bring on the bachelorette party of the year!  who can turn down a good session of dirty talk and skinny dipping? ow ow!!

(this is my 100th post.  i feel like it should be celebrated.  i never thought the day would come that i could call myself a blogger.)

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