a much needed (late) farewell.

Wednesday, May 30

1. Snow Dragon.  Nothing hits the spot in ephraim better than cheap chinese.

2. Snow College.  I mean it is the reason we moved to the great town of ephraim. (highly recommend anyone going there if considering it! Go badgers.)

3. Main Street.  The only busy street in the history of my life that I actually feel comfortable jogging on.

4. Griffin.  My absolute FAVORITE boy! (don't tell dall) I'm still having Griffin withdrawals

5. Our great kitchen with a dish washer and cooking space.  The best first home we could have ever asked for!  World's best landlords/people: Joe and Lela Scholes

6. The shoe tree. We have officially left our mark.

7. Lastly.. the Manti Temple.  I am dreading not having the live sessions.  Hate to say it, but no other temple compares.  

Farewell Ephraim.

We'll be back to visit soon.

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