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Monday, May 28

I came home after work this week to this friendly looking fella.

I can easily say that I was scared out of my mind!! I mean look at this thing!  I'm sure you're wondering what it is right, because I know I've never seen anything similar during my lifetime.  

Say hello to the house centipede also known as the scutigera coleoptrata.  I'll obviously be calling it a house centipede (or a few other choice words).  

It was a late night at work so I got home around 12:30 a.m..  I went into the bathroom to start getting ready for bed and noticed my towels were hanging on the door knob.  

I went to move them because I didn't want to welcome any spiders to come stay the night on them. (this being caused by the last experience of grabbing my towel to dry off after showering and discovering a fat spider on it!)  

The insects and I have not formed a great relationship since we've moved in. 

Once I picked the towels up, this "thing" came flying out from behind the door to which I screamed and looked like I was doing an ultimate hopscotch in attempt to avoid this crazy creature.   

Luckily, I had left the bug killer spray in the bathroom from the last go around (with the spider), but had to chase it in circles around the bathroom spraying uncontrollably until it finally stopped.  I then of course kept spraying until it was pretty much drowned in it.  

I kept eyeing it while I was washing my face and brushing my teeth to make sure it was dead.

I  then headed to bed and left the nice surprise for dall when he woke up at 5 o clock the next morning. 

I must say i'm moving up in life though.  I have gotten past just putting a cup or some dish over the top of the bugs and now can at least kill them, I just can't pick them up quite yet. 

I'm not so sure if i'll ever get to that point.  I have no desire.  

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  1. I would have peed myself if that was living in our apartment.


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