i'm officially a housewife.

Tuesday, May 8

Yes, I do realize I am on a blogging kick today, but hey school is out, it's my day off work, and Dallin has been gone all day so what's a girl to do? Blog!

My housewife ways are slowly starting to consume my life, i'd almost say i'm ready for retirement at age 20. ha ha ha oh could you imagine?  I could fill my schedule with all sorts of projects! 

I call myself a housewife these days because I am constantly cleaning, cooking or baking something.  

I also spent the evening reading (yes, READING!) on our lovely new porch.  It felt quite spectacular outside and even considering my impeccable hatred toward birds, it was fun to watch them in the trees. 

(Did I mention we have a view? Score!)
I am absolutely obsessed with oils from bath & body works.  I can't stand it if some funk smell starts taking over the place.  

We went to get some new oils today and these were the new ones we found.  Peach Bellini which is burning as we speak!  Coconut water and coconut leaves.  You can tell which ones Dallin picked out.  He'll forever be an islander! 

These new scents don't come close to Winter, which is the classic favorite of mine.  It's of course a seasonal thing, so I have stock up every christmas season!  

I am on my last bottle, so I am using it sparingly!  I highly recommend trying it.

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