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Wednesday, March 21

hooray for visiting teaching
i made a little handout this month because i loved the quotes that went with the message.
this is my attempt of incorporating spring into things
now, i'm thinking it looks like a small child puked fruit loops all over it.
but hey, it works.

i believe in visiting teaching and i think it is a glorious thing
i have met so many adorable girls through visiting teaching and I am so grateful.
it has been so fun getting to know the girls and hearing their spiritual insights.
i have also gained a love for relief society.  in my younger years, i was dreading the day when i had to start going to relief society because i thought it would be so boring.  (which is funny because the moment i got married, all of the sudden home decor, grocery discounts, parenting tricks,  (the list could go on and on) all became very intriguing.   
relief society is easily my favorite hour of church. before relief society, i was unaware i even had tear ducts. more times than not we are sharing stories and balling our eyes out. 
(it's official, i have turned into my mom) but i love every second of it

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  1. This is adorable!! I'm stealing it from you. I hope you do not mind :)

    Cait you're the best, and I don't know if I told you already, but I will tell you again THANK YOU so much for the wedding gift. it's the best thing ever.

    You're a good example :)


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