Monday, March 19

if you are up for trying new things, these little devils are surely recommended.

back home, we would always stop in many lands (a store that has food from many lands) go figure.

it was always a thrilling experience to try new things
 this is where i came across these wonderful gems.

after a particular grueling night nearing a break down, dall surprised me with some treats!
this is when he pointed out to me that they are meant as a salad topper.

brushing aside that new fact, i will still continue to just munch on them plain.

(don't you hate that all the things that make a salad worth eating are detrimental to your health ?)
(and that the temptation to eat them without the salad is almost unbearing?)
croutons are a prime example of this phenomenon

p.s. seeing the bottom of any container (especially food) is such a dismal sight.

I think they should make food containers like a mary poppin's bag. 
the world would be a better place.  disregarding my weight gain that would take place. 

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