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Saturday, March 3

Today was a spectacular day for various reasons.  There is an infinite list of perks of being wed but acquiring a second family is definitely making its way to the top of the list.  I was invited to a girls day out for my glorious mother-in-law's birthday with all of her sisters.  Her choice of nourishment... sushi.  I had never experienced sushi and I was all for the adventure!  Some facts to note: sushi does not always overwhelm you with fishiness, if you think you'll be frightened by the texture, don't be, it is really nutritious, just because you don't like one kind doesn't me that all of them are disgusting, and let's be honest everyone, it at least deserves a fighting chance! I have never been a huge fan for fish but my eyes were opened today and i'm seeing everything in a whole new light.  I never thought this would be such a heartwarming experience.  Although there is negativity swirling all around us, this world has a lot of beautiful to appreciate and I feel so blessed to have the chance to be here.  You may now evidently call me a thrill seeker however.  I am now frantically searching for new things to try!  Dall is going to have a difficult time trying to contain me from the new things around each corner but hopefully i'll be able to coax him into joining the new exciting ride!  

If you ever happen across Happy Sumo (which I strongly recommend you do so)
two solid items on the menu would be:
#1 the vegas roll
#2 the mango mama

Item number two of excitement is that we have discovered our next place we get to call home!  We will be moving in the beginning of May and we have found an absolutely perfect place in Springville!  Moving from one basement to the next, and I am now a firm believer and lover for basement apartments!  Utilities are always included and it's so nice to just run the rent right upstairs and not have to fret about it. It gets even better though.  This place has more room than I could even begin to describe. There is a perfect vintage touch (including a vintage crib I might add) that makes a perfect canvas to which we can add our homey touches.  If I get lucky we might even be able to have our first little one there! (cross your fingers for me)  I don't know what has changed over the past couple of months but I went from being petrified of motherhood to completely hankering to start a family of our own.  Be as it may, it's all on Heavenly Father's time, so we'll see how the story unfolds!
Before realizing that this just may be the start of my first novel, I went into beast mode and starting typing my life away so sorry for the long winded vent but I hope you enjoyed it anyhow.

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  1. I'm glad you like new adventures, I wish I were as brave as you:) Enjoy your time as newlyweds, cause once the baby comes, nothing is the same! haha but I must say you guys will make adorable babies!!


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