the husband.

Wednesday, February 1

I will never get sick of digging through photographs to see dallin the younger.  
Could have never guessed he would have turned out to be such a handsome devil!
I was also quite concerned.  I wasn't aware that you could change races through your lifetime (excluding michael jackson of course) His hispanic blood must have ran for the exit  and out came a half tongan handsome hunk!  

Because it is the month of love:  
I decided to jot down some great perks of having him as a roommate.

     1.  He wakes up singing a different random song each & every morning
     2.  He never minds doing the dishes (big plus!)
     3.  He's hot.  I mean everyone, let's face it.
     4.  He's quite the cleanly creature.
     5.  He will always do whatever it takes to make your feel better.
     6.  He eats anything & everything  
          (you'll think your cooking skills are through the roof)
     7.  Last, but surely not least, he has an infinite amount of tickling to give.
          [arm, back, you name it, he's got it!]

In approximately 5 days, we will be running across the 6 month mark of marriage!  Yeah I know right!  Here are some major mile markers of our wonderful journey... 

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