mile marker number one.

Monday, January 23

Seeing how we just recently wed, well approximately 6 months ago.  I found it necessary to document our very first home!  Although it is surely our humble abode, we love it all the same.  It is a basement apartment and our front door is through the garage, so to say the least we do not have the joy of having tricker treaters. We almost need to leave clues so our guests can find their way. We do own a glorious, beautiful light blue sofa that we received as a wedding gift thanks to my mama but it was a sad day when it wouldn't fit through our door. Luckily good old brother Scholes let us use his old hide-a-bed sofa! (The wonderful perks of being newly weds) The red, sand outdoor looking tile and fake (once real) fire place in the living room add quite the nice touch.  We do have the wonderful privilege of having a dish washer and oh can I say thank you for that! I highly doubt my hands can make it through the winter, let alone hand washing all our dishes as well.  We do love our bedroom though, it has three closets you know.  We've mastered the perfect bed, consisting of two twin beds pushed together and memory foam on top to cover the crack!  As for our bathroom however, it's a love hate relationship, I mean I had high hopes for a tub.

I am so very grateful that we have a place to call home and we couldn't have picked a better place to spend the first year of our marriage!  Can't wait to see where life will take us next!

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